Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Bears, Boars, & Brawls


The party starts out with instructions to at least double their size in order to make their voyage towards sunken treasures. A clear plan in mind, Kiff starts a brawl at the Bear and Boar, Celarion plays for the crowd, and Alianora hides. As the fight comes to a natural end one halfling, one half orc, one wizard, and one dwarf are left standing. Welcome to the group our 3 new recruits!

New party formed, we adventure out towards Wavecrest but come across a beaches ship on the way, stuck on a rock. As a plan is devised to plunder the damned thing the ship is attacked by ghosts! One party member is instantly unconscious, 2 party members age by 40 years, and Alianora hides under the stair case. All said and done the party gets bitch slapped by the ethereal beings, end up victorious, and get back to plundering that ship run aground. First though, Rurick lights up some Dwarven kush and gets the entire party absolutely baked… righteous!

Set sail to plunder! Hmm.. fog… fog… more fog… which way did we come from?.. Wait, I know that rock… fog… fancy rock again?!… We’re going back! Wait there it is! Shoot it and follow the rope!

Once aboard the other ship the party runs into an elf/female storm giant/hag triplet. Illusions abound, a game of gambling chance and grease lit on fire! The party nopes the hell out of there and set sail once again towards Wavecrest. During the night Alianora attempts to break into the store room setting off the ward of alarm. The whole ship is brought to deck and questioned at which point we use Clark, a sailor on board, as our patsy. The captain doesn’t buy it and we have to fake Alianora’s death in order to get to port safely.
Able to safely invisbly walk off the ship the entire party is stranded in Alaghon without ship or treasure and now must carefully avoid Gunther, the ship owner still in Scardale awaiting his cut of the plunder.



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