Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Home Invasion, Part III


The party continues from inside the manor after a taxing battle. They require a rest before adventuring on but not before Adriel (Gyohwalhan) cast remove curse to finally strip the mysterious helm from Cagan’s head. They continue on making progress (and questionable decisions) through the various rooms and pathways until they come upon a fairly deserted room with a peaceful well in the Northwest corner. As the last of the party makes their way in an arcane rune lights up the entire floor. All 6 members begin to feel their minds tear and contort as they’re thrown into strange scenarios where things are quite what they seem. After everyone goes through 2 trials of character and core belief they wake up in a room, chained or tied down, while Voth and his entourage sit at a long table deep in discussion. The first one awake, Amari attempts to break out of her manacles but isn’t quite recovered from the trials and mental anguish (she fails miserably). The element of surprise gone, Voth sends his personal guard to deal with the heroes that are now breaking out of their restraints left and right.

Battle! Well, kinda…

It’s all over in a matter of seconds as 3 enormous fireballs ignite and thoroughly take care of Voth’s crew. He takes the opportunity to get out of dodge with a timely teleport, leaving his entourage for dead as 9 invisible lackeys detonate themselves all around the room with scrolls of fireball. The explosions happen simultaneously and the building begins to fall all around the party. Most get out before anyone realizes that Sparklegem is unconscious in the corner and their weapons are about to burn or be crushed. Gyo and Ulfsaar manage to grab everyone’s gear (Ulfsaar actually manages to get Sparklegem out as well) and escape the building before it completely collapses. Voth run out of town, his estate in a state of disarray, the party feels the tiniest sense of accomplishment though there will most likely be trouble in the near future.



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