Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Prove your worth!


Freshly off the boat in Scardale our group hears rumors of a strange storm that wrecked havoc across the Wavecrest bay. Tantalizing tales of treasure about and free for the taking at the bottom of the bay is enough enticement for the party to find a way. They manage to convince a local pseudo local into providing a seaworthy ship, able to both make it to Wavecrest and bring the spoils back, but the group must first prove themselves by taking care of a hag in the heart of Harrowdale. While on the search they run into not only the hag but also two hearty wrights. One party member goes down but in the end the party proves too much. With hag looted of her 150 gp worth of gems and the head delivered as proof the party prepares to set sail to Wavecrest.



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