Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Home Invasion, Part III

The party continues from inside the manor after a taxing battle. They require a rest before adventuring on but not before Adriel (Gyohwalhan) cast remove curse to finally strip the mysterious helm from Cagan’s head. They continue on making progress (and questionable decisions) through the various rooms and pathways until they come upon a fairly deserted room with a peaceful well in the Northwest corner. As the last of the party makes their way in an arcane rune lights up the entire floor. All 6 members begin to feel their minds tear and contort as they’re thrown into strange scenarios where things are quite what they seem. After everyone goes through 2 trials of character and core belief they wake up in a room, chained or tied down, while Voth and his entourage sit at a long table deep in discussion. The first one awake, Amari attempts to break out of her manacles but isn’t quite recovered from the trials and mental anguish (she fails miserably). The element of surprise gone, Voth sends his personal guard to deal with the heroes that are now breaking out of their restraints left and right.

Battle! Well, kinda…

It’s all over in a matter of seconds as 3 enormous fireballs ignite and thoroughly take care of Voth’s crew. He takes the opportunity to get out of dodge with a timely teleport, leaving his entourage for dead as 9 invisible lackeys detonate themselves all around the room with scrolls of fireball. The explosions happen simultaneously and the building begins to fall all around the party. Most get out before anyone realizes that Sparklegem is unconscious in the corner and their weapons are about to burn or be crushed. Gyo and Ulfsaar manage to grab everyone’s gear (Ulfsaar actually manages to get Sparklegem out as well) and escape the building before it completely collapses. Voth run out of town, his estate in a state of disarray, the party feels the tiniest sense of accomplishment though there will most likely be trouble in the near future.

Weirds and Wet Nobles

The session begins as we dock in Alaghon and are informed in no uncertain terms that we won’t be allowed back on and every other vessel in port knows we are trouble makers who aren’t to be trusted. With no time to lose Kiff and Alianora start looking around for a ship ready to leave port, knowing that they have an hour at most before word gets out and they’re stuck in Alaghon. So close but yet so far from the sunken treasure that originally brought them here. Luckily enough we’re able to secure passage on a merchant vessel but before we leave a third man, a noble with fancy attire and tacky jewelry, secures passage for a hefty fee. Him and his 13 trunks of luggage. This strangers name is Solomon.

The ship sets sail and a routine begins to establish as the morning passes – Kiff gambles and keeps a watch out, Alianora steals from Solomon, and Solomon practices his bagpipes (rather well). Right as the Aphrunn Mountains come across the horizion the ship encounters a pair of water weirds attack! The battle is tough and we almost lose Pablo, a beloved sailor among the crew, but the party comes out on top. Not without consequence though, during the battle Solomon let loose a fireball that managed to light the side of the ship ablaze! It takes time but with the concentrated effort of the entire crew we’re able to put the fire out.

Not out of the woods yet Solomon is confronted by the bosun of the ship. During their spat Solomon give the bosun a fine Eldritch Blast to the chest and is cast overboard as a result. Not willing to die alone he casts bonfire on the side of the ship hoping to sink us along with him. Kiff lets loose 4 arrows attempting to break his concentration on the magic while Alianora debates with the bosun and captain to save Solomon and the crew tries futilely to put out the arcane blaze. Kiff’s plan is the first to show results and the ship manages to keep afloat while continuing on towards the Sapra port. Newly a hero on board Kiff goes to rest off his significant reminders of battle in the common bunks and tells Alianora to go loot anything valuable from Solomon’s room.

Solomon is picked up after a couple hours by a passing vessel and convinces the captain that he needs to rush to Sapra to inform officials of the scoundrels that robbed him, smuggled illegal goods (true, though not uncommon), and left him for dead.

Home Invasion, Part II

The party ventures forward, though they are slightly fewer in number now. Voth’s manor holds wonders and oddities the likes the party has never seen. A strange collection of cultists in the midst of worship using an ancient altar. Thugs watching over common lower district serfs as they clean and go about their duties. Official guards, trained knights, and mages all coming together to help defend the estate. On top of it all some rooms hold queer and unnatural experiments that boggle the mind with their intended result. Two things are clear: this place holds danger around every turn and Voth is not just another common noble.

While the party makes its way through the rigors of the manor they discover a great many things: a battered battle helm inset with 3 rubies on the interior; the skeleton of a long deceased dragon welp, beheaded for a sacrificial ritual performed by cultists and fanatics; an ancient altar from a time forgotten with powers that confound, the center brazier bursting into a roar of it’s own accord; the decaying body of a strange dragon-like creature with pale leather skin onset with decay and lesions inside of a stone sarcophagi with an acrid acid gas amassed at the basin, seemingly of the creatures own creation as it desperately struggled to escape it’s tomb. The party also stumbled upon many small holes in the stone work whose purpose is unclear along with writing on a wall that read:

“In the Dominion of Bells, when the Winged Serpent rests upon the tomb and the moon is crowned, the Nameless shall triumph”.

in Elven. The writings of a lunatic? A prophecy unfolding? This place is filled with mystery unexpected in a city like Spandeilyon.

Home Invasion, Part I

A group of street goers decide to get together and take down Voth for his oppressive ways. They get through the city guards with relative ease bluffing as nobles picking up a new supply of serfs. Once they get onto the grounds they’re pretty easily identified as out of the ordinary if not for their weapons and attire then because they’re not surgically mute. With their cover blown they decide to do the only natural thing and go in swords first. Through a series of intense battles we see the estate partially destroyed by a raging dinosaur, the party frozen, and one fatality in Adriel. Strangely enough the dead rose as Adriel began to stumble and fumble around after being found frozen solid and deceased.

Bears, Boars, & Brawls

The party starts out with instructions to at least double their size in order to make their voyage towards sunken treasures. A clear plan in mind, Kiff starts a brawl at the Bear and Boar, Celarion plays for the crowd, and Alianora hides. As the fight comes to a natural end one halfling, one half orc, one wizard, and one dwarf are left standing. Welcome to the group our 3 new recruits!

New party formed, we adventure out towards Wavecrest but come across a beaches ship on the way, stuck on a rock. As a plan is devised to plunder the damned thing the ship is attacked by ghosts! One party member is instantly unconscious, 2 party members age by 40 years, and Alianora hides under the stair case. All said and done the party gets bitch slapped by the ethereal beings, end up victorious, and get back to plundering that ship run aground. First though, Rurick lights up some Dwarven kush and gets the entire party absolutely baked… righteous!

Set sail to plunder! Hmm.. fog… fog… more fog… which way did we come from?.. Wait, I know that rock… fog… fancy rock again?!… We’re going back! Wait there it is! Shoot it and follow the rope!

Once aboard the other ship the party runs into an elf/female storm giant/hag triplet. Illusions abound, a game of gambling chance and grease lit on fire! The party nopes the hell out of there and set sail once again towards Wavecrest. During the night Alianora attempts to break into the store room setting off the ward of alarm. The whole ship is brought to deck and questioned at which point we use Clark, a sailor on board, as our patsy. The captain doesn’t buy it and we have to fake Alianora’s death in order to get to port safely.
Able to safely invisbly walk off the ship the entire party is stranded in Alaghon without ship or treasure and now must carefully avoid Gunther, the ship owner still in Scardale awaiting his cut of the plunder.

Prove your worth!

Freshly off the boat in Scardale our group hears rumors of a strange storm that wrecked havoc across the Wavecrest bay. Tantalizing tales of treasure about and free for the taking at the bottom of the bay is enough enticement for the party to find a way. They manage to convince a local pseudo local into providing a seaworthy ship, able to both make it to Wavecrest and bring the spoils back, but the group must first prove themselves by taking care of a hag in the heart of Harrowdale. While on the search they run into not only the hag but also two hearty wrights. One party member goes down but in the end the party proves too much. With hag looted of her 150 gp worth of gems and the head delivered as proof the party prepares to set sail to Wavecrest.

It's a trap!

The party, all ready to leave and confront the pirate king Kravos, finds their ship is rigged and ready to explode. After a quick swim to shore the group tracks down the responsible rapscallions and takes them hostage only to find they are devoid of tongues. After some “convincing” the gang follows their hostages to a town board with an advertisement from a “V” to recruit. We later learn that his name is Voth and his henchmen take all new recruits and immediately take their tongues. A letter from Voth to his head henchman reveals he supplies Kravos (Pirate Lord) and Gavid, the Cruel (a militant bandit) with servant work force.

I'm on a boat and...

Our new adventure kicked off with not one but TWO battles on the high seas. After dealing with shark riding merfolkian amphibians the team landed in port and decided to pursue a massive bounty on a notorious pirate, Kravos. The group begins a rumor to bait out the pirate and his crew. Unfortunately the plan doesn’t work and they are jumped by a goblin pirate crew instead with a flame thrower on the front rig. Easily defeated, the goblin crews turns tail and sails away while the group heads safely to Scardale.


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