Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Home Invasion, Part II


The party ventures forward, though they are slightly fewer in number now. Voth’s manor holds wonders and oddities the likes the party has never seen. A strange collection of cultists in the midst of worship using an ancient altar. Thugs watching over common lower district serfs as they clean and go about their duties. Official guards, trained knights, and mages all coming together to help defend the estate. On top of it all some rooms hold queer and unnatural experiments that boggle the mind with their intended result. Two things are clear: this place holds danger around every turn and Voth is not just another common noble.

While the party makes its way through the rigors of the manor they discover a great many things: a battered battle helm inset with 3 rubies on the interior; the skeleton of a long deceased dragon welp, beheaded for a sacrificial ritual performed by cultists and fanatics; an ancient altar from a time forgotten with powers that confound, the center brazier bursting into a roar of it’s own accord; the decaying body of a strange dragon-like creature with pale leather skin onset with decay and lesions inside of a stone sarcophagi with an acrid acid gas amassed at the basin, seemingly of the creatures own creation as it desperately struggled to escape it’s tomb. The party also stumbled upon many small holes in the stone work whose purpose is unclear along with writing on a wall that read:

“In the Dominion of Bells, when the Winged Serpent rests upon the tomb and the moon is crowned, the Nameless shall triumph”.

in Elven. The writings of a lunatic? A prophecy unfolding? This place is filled with mystery unexpected in a city like Spandeilyon.



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