Adventures through the Forgotten Realms

Weirds and Wet Nobles


The session begins as we dock in Alaghon and are informed in no uncertain terms that we won’t be allowed back on and every other vessel in port knows we are trouble makers who aren’t to be trusted. With no time to lose Kiff and Alianora start looking around for a ship ready to leave port, knowing that they have an hour at most before word gets out and they’re stuck in Alaghon. So close but yet so far from the sunken treasure that originally brought them here. Luckily enough we’re able to secure passage on a merchant vessel but before we leave a third man, a noble with fancy attire and tacky jewelry, secures passage for a hefty fee. Him and his 13 trunks of luggage. This strangers name is Solomon.

The ship sets sail and a routine begins to establish as the morning passes – Kiff gambles and keeps a watch out, Alianora steals from Solomon, and Solomon practices his bagpipes (rather well). Right as the Aphrunn Mountains come across the horizion the ship encounters a pair of water weirds attack! The battle is tough and we almost lose Pablo, a beloved sailor among the crew, but the party comes out on top. Not without consequence though, during the battle Solomon let loose a fireball that managed to light the side of the ship ablaze! It takes time but with the concentrated effort of the entire crew we’re able to put the fire out.

Not out of the woods yet Solomon is confronted by the bosun of the ship. During their spat Solomon give the bosun a fine Eldritch Blast to the chest and is cast overboard as a result. Not willing to die alone he casts bonfire on the side of the ship hoping to sink us along with him. Kiff lets loose 4 arrows attempting to break his concentration on the magic while Alianora debates with the bosun and captain to save Solomon and the crew tries futilely to put out the arcane blaze. Kiff’s plan is the first to show results and the ship manages to keep afloat while continuing on towards the Sapra port. Newly a hero on board Kiff goes to rest off his significant reminders of battle in the common bunks and tells Alianora to go loot anything valuable from Solomon’s room.

Solomon is picked up after a couple hours by a passing vessel and convinces the captain that he needs to rush to Sapra to inform officials of the scoundrels that robbed him, smuggled illegal goods (true, though not uncommon), and left him for dead.



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